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The Reluctant Nun

Taking into account the times when the story was completely rewritten (and then undone) The Reluctant Nun words were composed over a period of six years. It was only then that the imagery (the thirteen linocuts) could begin.

The book was published in 2010, before the acquisition of the Farley proofing press so printing the hand set type was done entirely on the etching press.

Specially made type high guides were placed on each side of the bed and galley magnets used to keep everything firmly in place. This large book could then be printed in an edition of 30 copies. The Reluctant Nun received the Mackay Ex Libris Regional Artists book award in 2010.

© Sheree Kinlyside 2010

13 linocuts

Handset type

Case bound with handmade presentation box

Multi-signature book


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